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Flashfoil Shad

CalcuttaSKU: 2396-0258

Colors: Pearl Ice Firetail
Size: 5", 1 3/8oz, 4pk


One of the most versatile baits you will ever tie on your line. A foil finish inside a hand painted soft plastic body give it a look that a fish can't resist. These soft plastics can be fished several ways including a slow retrieve or by bouncing off the bottom.

Available in the following sizes:

2", 1/2 oz, 7 baits per pack

3", 1/2 oz, 6 baits per pack

4", 7/8, 5 baits per pack

5",  1 3/8 oz, 4 baits per pack

6", 2 1/4, 4 baits per pack

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