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Calcutta Offshore Fishing and Cape Fear Distillery Hook Up to launch Award-Winning New Line of Flavored Rums

Calcutta Big Bite Rum Coconut flavor on beach

Get ready to set sail on a flavor adventure! Calcutta Offshore Fishing - a leading designer and manufacturer of Outdoor sporting goods - has teamed up with the internationally recognized Cape Fear Distillery to launch an exciting new line of boldly flavored rums, dubbed Big Bite Rums in homage to the former brand’s fishing heritage. The new Big Bite Rums have already racked up Gold & Silver medals for taste and flavor innovation in competitions across the US.  Whether you're out on the open sea or mixing up a storm at home, these rums are guaranteed to bite back with flavors that never get lost in the waves of your favorite cocktails.



The Big Bite Rum line features four distinctive flavors, each inspired by iconic fishing locales.

The new flavors include:

  1. Classic Caribbean Spiced
    This rum hooks you up with the rich tastes of clove, butterscotch, and coconut, then teases your taste buds with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg. It's a boldly flavored spiced rum that stands up in any mix.
  2. Cabo Jalapeno Spiced
    Add a little heat to your drink with this outrigger-bending blend. A touch of jalapeno heat meets a splash of citrus, finishing smoothly with hints of vanilla and pecan. Perfect on the rocks or to add some bite to your favorite cocktail.
  3. Key West Key Lime
    This charter blend pairs tart Key Lime with the sweetness of brown sugar, vanilla, and a hint of macadamia nut. It sails smoothly on the rocks or mixed into your go-to drink.
  4. Condado Coquito Coconut
    Inspired by the Coquito cocktail from Puerto Rico, this rum starts with coconut and vanilla, and as it hooks up with your palate, you'll discover hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. It's a delicious choice on the rocks or in any cocktail.

Featuring the iconic Calcutta Offshore Fishing skull-and-crossbones logo, Big Bite rums will be available in ABC stores throughout North Carolina and can also be purchased at the Cape Fear Distillery gift shop. Whether you're planning a fishing trip or a backyard BBQ, Calcutta Offshore Fishing and Cape Fear Distillery have just made your drink choice a whole lot easier with their line of Big Bite Rums. Learn more HERE.


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