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There is a legendary breed of anglers who live to fish and refuse to compromise. They’re always first at the launch and on the water. They know their home water like the back of their hand and can read the depth without any SONAR. Catching fish is second nature - and they are always looking to up the ante, challenging themselves to top their own personal best on every trip out. Fishing is a way of life, not just a hobby for them. We call them RodStars.

Do you spend as much time on the water as possible? Are you always chasing the bite, and working hard to set new personal records? Are you dedicated to raising the bar every time you hit the water? Then you’re part of the RodStar family.

We want to celebrate and share the passion of every Star Rods owner - our RodStars. You can participate by posting your photos and stories to social media using the hashtag #RodStars. You may find yourself featured as one of the “RodStar Stories” on our website. Big catches, perfect photos and flowery testimonials are not mandatory to qualify as a RodStar. All that’s required is the same passion for the pursuit we pour into every Star Rod, and the willingness to go the extra nautical mile in pursuit of that big fish with your Star Rod in hand.

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