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Got-cha Fishing Lure

Got-Cha Lures were started by Allen Brinson of Wilmington, NC in 1957.  Allen was a wholesale distributor of fishing tackle until the mid 1970’s when he opened a retail store, Allen Sports Supply, in Wilmington, NC, catering to recreational fisherman.  He began to purchase products for his retail store from Henry’s Tackle Co in Morehead City, NC.  Finding it difficult to market the Got-Cha Lure from his retail store, Allen made a deal with Dick Henry of Henry’s Tackle Company to be the sole distributor of Got-cha Lures.

Over the next few years, their relationship grew and Allen always told Dick he would give him the Got-cha Lure business when he retired.  Dick never knew he meant that literally until he received a phone call in the late 1970’s from Allen asking him to come to Wilmington to pick up the manufacturing supplies for the lures.  Dick tried to pay Allen for the business, but he would not hear of it.  Allen said all he wanted to do was retire and play golf as much as he could.  A few years later, Allen Brinson passed away.

The Got-Cha Lures became part of Sea Striker, the manufacturing division of Henry's Tackle Co, until 1986 when the distribution company was sold to Warren Avis of Ann Harbor, Michigan.  In 1992 the Sea Striker division of Henry's Tackle Co. was sold back to Dick Henry, putting the Got-Cha Lures back with the Henry family where Allen Brinson had intended. Currently, the Got-cha brand is owned by Calcutta Outdoors.

Got-Cha lures are popular items on the East Coast and Panhandle regions of the USA, and are also sold internationally. Until the late 1990's the lures were used mostly on the fishing piers of the southeast. Since that time, and with the demise of many fishing piers, the lures have become a favorite of small boat fishermen for Bluefish, Trout, Stripers, and Spanish Mackerel. Today there are over 100 different Gotch-Lures with a variety of styles and color options.

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