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New Pontoon Fenders Offer More Surface Area and Fender Stability

New Pontoon Fenders Offer More Surface Area and Fender Stability

New fenders offer more surface area and fender stability Docking your pontoon in high winds and rough chop can create anxiety in even the most experienced pontoon pilot. Larger pontoon fenders are a great way to protect a boater’s investment during the docking process and when moored in turbulent waters. Calcutta Outdoors is excited to announce their production of a brand-new fender made specifically for pontoon boats that offers 38% more protection than a best-selling online fender.

White pontoon fender on pontoon boat

“Anyone who’s ever docked with a crosswind knows the feeling of wanting a little more forgiveness when you’re bringing your boat in” says Ben Hayes, Innovation and Product Manager for South Bend by Calcutta. “That’s why we’re excited to give that captain a bit more peace of mind on approach or even when walking up to the cabin after drop off.”

The new Shoreline Pontoon Boat Fender features a unique design that offers more surface bumper area at the primary point of contact than the top-selling offering at the leading online retailer. The Shoreline Fender is 9 inches deep and 9 inches wide at its primary contact point versus 6.5” x 6.5” on a cylinder shape. Boat fenders help absorb shock caused by contact with other objects such as other boats or docks, which results in the fender preventing damage that could have been done to your boat.

“The other thing you want to think about is the stability of the fender in rough water. Experienced boaters know that cylinder shape is going to move around quite a bit. Our new design works to reduce fender movement.” says Chris Pardue, Sr Director of Innovation and Product Management for Calcutta.

These new fenders are specifically designed for pontoon boats, working to keep them in place while in the water. While other fenders may move around and have a hard time staying in place, the new Shoreline fenders feature a locking shelf to hold tight against the deck. This in turn provides extra protection for your pontoon boat, making it easier to keep a wax looking great longer and prevent scratches on your pontoon.

Shoreline Marine pontoon fenders in four different colors

The new Shoreline Pontoon fenders are available in four marine-friendly colors - white, black, gray, and blue. They can be inflated to adjust air pressure as needed and have a sleek profile that matches up perfectly to the railings of your pontoon. These fenders are designed to fit most square railing pontoon boats and are UV protected. Fender lines are not included.

For more information, check out the product at this link - CO - Pontoon Fenders

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