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Top Fishing Gifts for Father’s Day 2021

Father's Day Fishing Gift Ideas for Dad

Top Fishing Gifts for Father’s Day 2021

He baited hooks, tended campfires and patiently taught many skills that you rely on to this day. Finding dad an appropriate and meaningful gift—one that he will actually use—can be tough. If his passion is on the water or in the woods, check out our list of top Father’s Day gifts for the outdoor dad. They are strategic additions or upgrades guaranteed to improve comfort and safety during his next outing. Regardless of your choice, these gifts let dad know how much you appreciate the time and effort he invested in introducing you to the great outdoors.

Safety Foremost

Our first choices on this list of gift ideas for dads start with protecting his health during those outdoor pursuits. A portion of the sun’s radiation strikes everything outdoors, including people, from dawn to dusk. It’s even there to a lesser degree on cloudy days and during a downpour. Overexposure leads to sunburns. They are uncomfortable and often painful enough to cut short a fun family outing. The skin cancer implications down the line are much more sobering, though. Sun damage is cumulative and occurs even without burning.

Sunscreen and Sunblock

Sunscreen and sunblock ensure comfort and enhance sun protection, but only when they’re applied routinely. You can never have too much on hand, and a single large bottle isn’t necessarily ideal. One in the tackle box is good, but it can be tough to reach during the ride back to the boat ramp. Smaller bottles store compactly in tight spots, making them easier to keep nearby.

Lip balm, commonly available in a variety of SPF ratings, falls into this category. Dad needs lip protection close at hand, particularly during those offshore trips where wind is another factor. Lip balm tubes have a mysterious habit of vanishing, so he’ll appreciate more than one. Shop Sun Protection

Hats, Visors and Neck Gaiters

The sun beats down on an exposed head in ruthless fashion. A good hat remedies this problem. Baseball caps, trucker hats and visors make a solid first line of defense. However, the ears and nose can remain exposed to the sun’s powerful rays. Another solution is a wide-brimmed boonie or straw hat that will provide a higher level of sun protection.

Regardless of headwear, the back of the neck will be exposed to the sun sometime during the day—likely for a prolonged period. A neck gaiter will cover dad’s six. Construction is critical, though. Heavy material gets hot fast and a thick neck gaiter will not stay on long in warm weather.

Polyester neck gaiters are ideal. They are breathable, lightweight enough to remain comfortable in the heat and they dry fast. Neck gaiters should be long enough to pull up over the ears and exposed portions of the face for those times when the sun is relentless. Shop Headwear

Performance Shirts

Most traditional fabrics leak light, unless they’re thick enough to never be considered for a summer trip. Today, there are a variety of modern performance materials like Calcutta’s Microtek Ultra-Lightweight fabric. It stays cool, wicks moisture, yet provides an impressive level of UPF 50 sun protection.   

If dad sunburns easily, go with long sleeves. Today’s high-performance outdoor wear comes in a wide variety of styles. Make sure there’s a generous amount of ventilation, including a mesh vent at the back and under the arms. Shop Performance Shirts


The sun also takes a toll on the eyes. Exposure can double during water-related activities and hat brims only cut that in half. A good pair of sunglasses reduces eye fatigue, protects the vision and is likely one of the most indispensable items in the outdoors.

Key considerations include the amount of protection from UVA and UVB rays, as well as shatterproof ratings for the lens. Polarization reduces glare and often lets anglers see things in the water others might miss. Best of all, there’s no shortage of styles and models from which to choose. Shop Sunglasses

Bug Spray

In some regions, the bugs are so bad this is a survival item. Regardless of where dad goes, insect repellent is a necessity during at least a few outings a year, and a welcome companion at all times otherwise.

Much like sunscreen, you can never have enough. Containers that are small and stowable in tight confines are a bonus, because there’s no time to rummage through a duffel bag when mosquitoes are hungry.

Flip Flops

When treading saltwater or heading to the campground shower, a good pair of sandals is a great choice this Father’s Day. Insist on non-slip soles, non-marking versions and footbeds comfortable enough for prolonged wear. Shop Flip Flops and Sandals

Can and Bottle Coolers and Tumblers

Whether it’s keeping the coffee hot during a long drive to the destination, or maintaining the refreshing chill of a soda for the ride back, tumblers and can and bottle coolers get used often. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, with something sure to be ideal for dear old dad. Shop Drinkware

Fishing Tools and Fillet Knives

Long-nose pliers, fillet knives and other fishing tools are useful gifts that the fishing dad will always need and appreciate. Fillet knives help dad make quick work of cleaning and preparing the day’s catch. Look for stainless-steel or coated blades that resist rusting—especially important for saltwater fishing. Textured handles ensure a firm hold when wet. Non-slip grip handles and corrosion-resistant finishes are also important when choosing wire cutters, monofilament snips, hook removers and other tools used for fishing. Shop Fishing Tools and Fillet Knives

Hard Coolers and Soft Coolers

No list of gifts for the outdoor dad would be complete without suggesting that it’s finally time you replace that old cooler held together by duct tape. Even with today’s high-performance polymers, advanced seals and space age insulation, you can stay within a budget with wise shopping.  

Here are some simple features worth looking for: non-marring rubber feet to prevent unwanted movement, stainless-steel hinges and industrial-grade freezer seals that keep ice frozen and contents fresh for days. When a company stands behind its coolers for years instead of just months, it says a lot more about construction than marketing hype—so look at the warranty.

There are also many accessories for coolers that make great gifts. Today's hard coolers can be heavy and difficult to transport. Look into a wheel kit that can be easily attached to most high performance cooler brands on the market today that makes moving the cooler to the boat, beach or soccer field much easier. Shop Hard and Soft-Sided Coolers

Fishing Tackle Storage

Whether dad’s favorite fishing spot is at the beach or on a lake, chances are he could use a new tackle bag or bait binder. The best fishing tackle bags are multi-functional and work across a variety of settings. Tackle trays keep fishing lures, sinkers, floats and more organized and secure. Premium tackle trays will feature heavy-duty latches and watertight seals. Best of all, trays are easily removable so dad can carry only what he needs in his favorite fishing tackle bag. Shop Tackle Storage

Visit an Outdoor Retail Store

Need more ideas for Father’s Day? Visit your local outdoor store or bait and tackle shop. Outdoor retailers are the experts when it comes to camping, fishing and more. They will be happy to share their knowledge and provide trusted advice. Outdoor stores and fishing tackle shops typically stock many of the items on this list. You can often find everything you need in just one stop.

Don’t Forget the Thank You

Father’s Day is the perfect time to tell that special outdoor dad “Thank You” for all the experiences, knowledge gained and quality family time enjoyed with him. Share some of those special memories with your father. It’ll be the best gift he gets all day, guaranteed.

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