UltraFight Bottled Bare Jigs

SKU: 5703-1063
Sale price$4.49

Size: 1/64 oz
Colors: Black

These Ultrafight Bottled Bare Jigs are pure versatility. The fine wire hook is thin enough to keep live bait presentations like minnows alive and swimming. At the same time this design is perfect for rigging small plastics and scented baits that can be deadly in cold water settings. These jigs come in a screw top bottle to keep your tackle box organized or easily carry in your pocket when shore fishing or wading.  Available in 5 striking colors & 1/32 and 1/64 oz – these jigs are sure to earn a spot in your panfish starting line up.

  • 12-piece jarred jigs available in 1/64 oz or 1/32 oz
  • Perfect for use with live bait or plastics
  • Includes durable screw cap storage jar

Warning SignWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm