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Father’s Day 2022 Gift Guide

Father and son fishing on Father’s Day in Calcutta Outdoors shirts

Father’s Day is an opportunity to let dad know you recognize everything he does and genuinely appreciate the lessons he delivered through the years. He deserves a gift better than a cookie-cutter tie, tool or treadmill. If he enjoys wetting a hook, let him know you care by selecting fishing gear as this year’s gift. Here are a few of our top picks that are sure to please, without breaking the bank. Many of these items are suitable for every angling style and pursuit—a sure hit on a fisherman’s Father’s Day.


Anglers battle bright sun and glare, whether they’re flyfishing a mountain stream, panfishing a pond or trolling offshore. The enemy is a common one and sunglasses are a great gift choice.

They also provide a critical line of defense from fatigue and quality versions offer 100-percent protection from eye-damaging UV rays. Some, like the Calcutta Steelhead, allow fishermen to see underwater—a valuable asset in locating structures and even spotting fish.


Fisherman wearing Calcutta hat and Calcutta sunglasses

Sunglasses cut glare and protect from harmful UV rays while fishing.

Performance Shirts

While we’re at it, it’s time for dad to protect his arms, chest and back while on the water. Traditional fabrics leak light and skin-damaging UV rays are not rendered harmless after passing through untreated fabric. Add the incredible amount of heat that builds under thick, sunburn-preventing shirts and it’s little wonder an all-new breed has emerged.

Today’s high-performance angling shirts harness the power of quick-drying fabrics that wick, provide UV protection and enhance ventilation. The Calcutta Long Sleeve Performance Fishing Shirt is a good example that wears the classic angling look. The UPF sun-protection rating is an impressive 50. Mesh panels at the underarms and side ensure ventilation and a pair of internal chest pockets keep items at hand. It’s available in four popular colors.


Fisherman in Calcutta Outdoors Performance Fishing Shirt

Performance fishing shirts provide sun protection and all-day comfort.

Hats and Caps

The eyes aren’t the only target when the sun beats down. Shading that cranium helps keep things cool and minimizes painful sunburns on the face and nose that can last for days.

Unfortunately, most hats offer little or no protection for the ears. However, the Calcutta Straw Hat does, and it comes with a chin strap for those windy days or when the captain decides to move to another spot. A blue Realtree print underbrim provides added sun protection.

If that style doesn’t match his typical ensemble, a baseball cap may be more suitable. Keep in mind, however, mesh backs promote circulation during those muggy outings. Pick something that matches his pursuit and the odds are good it’ll be worn often. You can’t go wrong with a patriotic look. The Calcutta American Coastal Gear cap is suitable both on and off the water.


Fisherman wearing a Calcutta Outdoors straw hat

 Wide-brimmed hats offer the most protection from the sun.

Neck Gaiters

This one’s a sure hit. Neck Gaiters offer unparalleled protection from the sun and wind on areas that typically remain exposed. They weigh next to nothing and store compactly.

Look for long-lasting polymer construction, in a size generous enough to cover nose and ears when needed, as well as moisture-wicking properties to draw sweat away. They’ve become must-have items among serious fishermen, so the odds are dad already understands their versatility and performance. Calcutta offers versions in a variety of guaranteed-to-please colors and patterns. 


Fishing Tackle Storage

Tackle boxes don’t have to be hard-sided and rectangular monoliths. Soft-sided versions bring the versatility of coolers—without the insulation—but also provide the internal storage demanded by serious anglers. They’re light, durable and those with generous pockets and compartments are ideal when the bite’s on and finding gear fast is mandatory.


Calcutta Outdoors Squall tackle bag on a fishing pier

Soft-side fishing tackle bags make great Father’s Day gifts.

Fishing Tools

The tools your father uses in the garage aren’t ideal for fishing, although it’s likely that’s what he’s resorted to in some cases. They’re usually the wrong size, clunky, prematurely rust and are a constant source of frustration.

Even if he has all the right gear, sneak a peek at his tackle when he’s mowing the lawn this weekend. Inspect the pliers, knives, crimpers and hook removers. Odds are good some are in disrepair or not working at all.

If you’re not comfortable rummaging through his prized possessions, consider a compact knife sharpening file. It’s handy when things get dull and helps make short work of those long fillets after a successful day. Calcutta’s Fillet and Hook Hone is a good choice. It stows neatly in the tackle box until needed and ensures things keep that lunker-landing edge.


Soft Coolers

That hard-sided cooler is tough to lug across the dock and not every fisherman enjoys lunch and drinks mixing with the morning catch. Today’s soft-sided coolers provide incredible performance, keep things fresh and cool throughout the day and store compactly after use.

The best versions have strong, woven nylon handles, a carry strap, generous insulation, waterproof inner liner and zippers to keep the cool in. It’s an ideal solution when bringing supplies aboard, heading to the beach, tailgating and more. The features packed into the Pack 24 Soft Cooler make it an ideal choice.


Surf Fishing Cart

If dad’s idea of a day at the beach is surfcasting and he makes several trips to haul gear to the water, consider a surf cart. Toting a cooler, tackle box, rods and other gear is a breeze with one, minimizing effort and maximizing pleasure. Calcutta’s Balloon Tire Beach and Surf Cart floats above that fine sand with heavy loads, where others anchor in.


Fisherman hauling gear with the Calcutta Outdoors beach cart

Beach carts with balloon tires help dad carry his fishing gear.

Fishing Accessories

Finally, don’t forget to include a dry bag to protect your father’s electronics, snacks and other essential items when he’s on the water. You can even toss in a surprise insulated tumbler that he’ll love and always have in hand.


Best Father’s Day Gift of All

Any of these items will be a big hit with dad. More importantly, though, it will let him know you actually do listen, learn and genuinely care about what he says and does. And that’s the best fisherman’s Father’s Day gift of all.

Visit an Outdoor Retail Store
Need more ideas for Father’s Day? Visit your local outdoor store or bait and tackle shop. Outdoor retailers are the experts when it comes to camping, fishing and more. They will be happy to share their knowledge and provide trusted advice. Outdoor stores and fishing tackle shops typically stock many of the items on this list. You can often find everything you need in just one stop.

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