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Star Rods Seagis Inshore Spinning Rod Makes "Best Saltwater Rods of 2023" List

Star Rods Seagis Inshore Spinning Rod Makes "Best Saltwater Rods of 2023" List

In the ever-expanding market of saltwater fishing rods, choosing the right one can significantly impact an angler's success. Anglers hold diverse opinions, with some favoring traditional cork grips and classic designs, while others opt for modern, flashy rods with contemporary materials. Finding a single rod that excels in all aspects is challenging because fishing often requires a technique-specific approach. Anglers need to choose rods that align with their intended use, considering factors like materials, rod length, and action.

The Field and Stream "Best Saltwater Rods of 2023" list recently highlighted the Star Rods' Seagis Inshore Spinning Rod as the top choice for inshore fishing enthusiasts. Recognized for its outstanding features and affordability, the Seagis has proven to be a game-changer in the pursuit of a variety of species.

Key Specifications:

The Seagis Inshore boasts impressive specifications that contribute to its recognition as the best saltwater rod of 2023:

Lengths: Available in 6'6", 7' and 7' 6"

Power: Options include Light, Medium, Medium-Light, and Medium-Heavy

Construction: Crafted from high-quality graphite

Action: Fast, providing responsiveness in various fishing scenarios


The Seagis Inshore stands out for several reasons, making it a preferred choice among anglers:

Lightweight: The rod's design prioritizes portability without compromising strength.

Quality Guides: Equipped with Fuji K-Series guides, ensuring smooth line movement and increased durability.

Highly Sensitive: Anglers appreciate the rod's sensitivity, enhancing their ability to detect subtle movements and bites.

While the Seagis Inshore has garnered acclaim, it is essential to consider potential drawbacks:

Limited Heavier Options: Some anglers express a desire for heavier options; however, the rod's medium-heavy actions cater to a broad range of scenarios. 

F&S contributor Max Inchausti, a regular user of the Seagis Inshore rod, attests to its versatility. The rod excels in working big topwater plugs and accommodates the slower pace required for live bait fishing. Kayak anglers find it particularly advantageous, thanks to the shortened butt section that enhances casting comfort from a sitting position.

Star Rods prioritizes quality components in the construction of the Seagis series with the inclusion of Fuji K-Series guides and a Fuji SK2™ split reel seat. Priced around $168, Seagis inshore rods stand out as a highly affordable option for anglers seeking a top-notch inshore rod. Its performance and features make it a worthwhile investment for both seasoned anglers and those embarking on their saltwater fishing adventures.

Star Rods Seagis Inshore Fishing Rods

The recognition of Star Rods Seagis as the best inshore rod in the Field and Stream "Best Saltwater Rods of 2023" list reaffirms its status as a reliable and versatile choice for anglers navigating the challenges of saltwater fishing. With its thoughtful design, quality components, and affordability, the Seagis Inshore continues to make waves in the world of inshore angling.

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