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Crab inside a trap next to a Calcutta bucket

Guide to Crabbing

The only thing better than feasting on fresh crab is dining on crustaceans that you caught yourself. Crabbing is affordable, easy for anyone to lea...
How to Throw a Cast Net

How to Throw a Cast Net

From freshwater shiners to saltwater pogies, live baiting offers a time-tested method for catching a variety of fish. Wetting a hook with minnows a...
Fisherman surf fishing at sunset

Guide to Surf Fishing Gear

It’s the sun, sand and water that draws most to the coast for vacation fun, but beneath the ocean’s roar another siren song plays. Anglers by the t...
Spinning reels filled with braided fishing line

Guide to Picking the Best Fishing Line

If you want to increase your odds of catching a trophy fish—or simply catching fish—it always pays to be prepared. When you’re gathering your gear ...
Capt. Noah Lynk with Red Snapper and Star Rods

Pro’s Guide to Saltwater Jigging

Ask any seasoned fishing guide and they will tell you that vertical jigging is one of the most effective methods for catching a variety of saltwate...
Young man reeling in fish

The One that Got Away: Six Ways that Anglers Lose Fish

Whether you’re a first-time fisherman or an experienced angler, catching a big fish is always fun. Watching a largemouth bass gobble up a topwater ...
Fisherman’s Guide to Pliers

Fisherman’s Guide to Pliers

Fishing pliers are an essential, versatile tool when you’re on the water. They can crimp, cut, split and grip with a leverage and ease unobtainable...
How to Catch More Spanish Mackerel

How to Catch More Spanish Mackerel

The water was roiling with feeding fish as we eased our boat into position. Armed with light spinning tackle and Got-Cha plugs, we were ready for a...
Fisherman using Squall Torque Series Stainless Steel Pliers to rig a fishing lure

Essential Fishing Tools for Your Tackle Box

Gearing up for fishing usually involves selecting the best rods, reels and tackle for the job. However, some of the most important equipment is all...
Strategies to Optimize Your Fishing Tackle Storage

Strategies to Optimize Your Fishing Tackle Storage

Time on the water is a scarce commodity for most of us. Work, school and family activities have a habit of limiting opportunities to fish. To maxim...

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