Renegade 11

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Calcutta's Renegade High-Performance coolers are roto-molded for durability and provide extreme ice retention even in the toughest conditions. These coolers have proven to be an essential tool for fishermen, hunters, boaters, tailgaters, campers and backyard party throwers.

Calcutta Renegade coolers come in multiple sizes and colors and are backed by a limited 5-year warranty.

  • FREEZESEAL industrial-grade, freezer style lid seal keeps ice for days
  • TOUGHSKIN roto-molded construction keeps it ice cold inside and dry outside
  • DURAHINGE stainless steel hinge pins are nearly indestructible to withstand years of heavy wear and tear
  • ANCHORLOK secure rubber latch for easy closing
  • GUARD rubber, non-slip, non-marking feet
  • PEACE OF MIND as all Renegade coolers are backed by a 5 year limited warranty
Prep to Maximize Ice Retention

Some useful tips to get the maximum ice retention from the Calcutta Renegade Coolers

View our Video on Maximizing Ice Retention

1. Cool down your cooler

A hot cooler is the #1 culprit to ice melting fast.  If the cooler has been sitting in a warm area, or sitting in the sun prior to loading, a large portion of the ice you load will be melted getting the cooler “cooled  down”.   We suggest putting a bag of surficial ice, or frozen ice packs in the cooler prior to loading to bring the temperature down in the cooler

2. Avoid putting warm products in the cooler

Make sure the contents you are putting in the cooler have been chilled prior to loading, or at the least room temperature.  Putting drinks in a cooler of ice that have been sitting in the truck of your car will melt ice immediately and raise the cooler temperature.

3. Do not leave any air pockets

Once you load your “cooled down” cooler with its contents, fill the cooler all the way with ice or even a towel.  Air in the cooler is the enemy.

4. Don’t drain the cooler

While using the cooler filled with ice and contents, cold water will help insulate any remaining ice.   Always keep any exposed food out of the water.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Avoid the cooler being in direct sunlight if possible.  Ice in a cooler kept in the shade will last much longer than one in the sun.

6. Keep the cooler latched

This is always a hard one. You put product in the cooler to get to it later.  Open and close the cooler to get what you need as quick as possible.  Remember air is the enemy, so the longer you leave the lid open looking for something, hot air is remaining inside and melting ice.  Be sure to keep the cooler latched closed to keep cold air in and seal out the heat.

Customer Reviews

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Dan Zimmerman

I'm on season #3 and it's stood up to everything if put it through, love it for ice fishing.

Ron Cole

I have two Renegade 11 coolers which I got for our four wheelers. They fit nicely on the front racks using rubber tarp bungees or perfectly inside Landscape Trailer Multi-Rack LT15, which I have mounted on the front of my four wheeler to hold a chainsaw when I'm clearing trails. When riding for enjoyment, I put the cooler in the multi-rack so my lounging seat/trunk box is free for me to use. When riding for clearing trails I put the cooler behind me and just use a cam strap to keep it on the lounge seat.
I can fit the following in this cooler, I do freeze several water bottles to help things stay cold. Configuration 1: 7 water bottles and 3 Gatorade bottles plus ice. Configuration 2: 9- 12 oz cans on their sides and 3 standing bottles of your choice or 4 more cans plus ice. Configuration 3: 1 regular bottle of wine (diagonally), 5 bottles of water, and 2 Gatorades plus ice.
I top up ice at least daily so I'm not expecting it to hold ice for days on end, I expect it would keep ice for over two days.
I also own the Water Boy 2.5 gal, which is nice for its intended purpose of dispensing liquids as it has a spigot, but I used it as a four wheeler cooler before coming across the Renegade 11. The Water Boy can fit 14 cans but it cannot fit a bottle of wine in any configuration. Also, the Water Boy is 2.5 gallons/ the Renegade 11 holds a little bit more volume. I'm a fan of both but the Renegade 11 is $40 cheaper and is my winner for my trail riding purposes.