Renegade Fish Cooler XL 68" x 24"

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Renegade fish cooler kill bags feature a high quality waterproof zipper and a wide opening for easy access when loading or unloading ice and fish. They're also loaded with open cell foam insulation for superior insulating properties to keep your catch cool and fresh. Material skin is durable, tough and light weight. Strong carry handles and a padded shoulder strap for easy transport. Folds down for easy storage. Dimensions 68" x 24"

  • Waterproof zippers
  • TPU coated nylon
  • Keeps ice cold for more than 24 Hours
  • Premium open cell foam insulation to keep ice longer
  • Durable rubberized tear resistant inner and outer skin
  • Reinforced welded and stitched seams
  • Sweat-proof design



68" x 24"

Prep to Maximize Ice Retention

Some useful tips to get the maximum ice retention from the Calcutta Renegade Coolers

View our Video on Maximizing Ice Retention

1. Cool down your cooler

A hot cooler is the #1 culprit to ice melting fast.  If the cooler has been sitting in a warm area, or sitting in the sun prior to loading, a large portion of the ice you load will be melted getting the cooler “cooled  down”.   We suggest putting a bag of surficial ice, or frozen ice packs in the cooler prior to loading to bring the temperature down in the cooler

2. Avoid putting warm products in the cooler

Make sure the contents you are putting in the cooler have been chilled prior to loading, or at the least room temperature.  Putting drinks in a cooler of ice that have been sitting in the truck of your car will melt ice immediately and raise the cooler temperature.

3. Do not leave any air pockets

Once you load your “cooled down” cooler with its contents, fill the cooler all the way with ice or even a towel.  Air in the cooler is the enemy

4. Don’t drain the cooler

While using the cooler filled with ice and contents, cold water will help insulate any remaining ice.   Always keep any exposed food out of the water.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Avoid the cooler being in direct sunlight if possible.  Ice in a cooler kept in the shade will last much longer than one in the sun.

6. Keep the cooler closed

This is always a hard one. You put product in the cooler to get to it later.  Open and close the cooler to get what you need as quick as possible.  Remember air is the enemy, so the longer you leave the cooler open looking for something, hot air is remaining inside and melting ice.  Be sure to keep the cooler closed to keep cold air in and seal out the heat.

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Craig R

Great quality, shipped right away and the size is as advertised!